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Friday, August 19, 2011

SVC Learns to Delegate

Our hosting company has a maximum limit on the number of posts the BBS may have. That limit is fast approaching making it necessary to remove some posts. The Steves and Jean are heavily involved in that process and (as there is only so much time in the day) it cuts into design and proofreading time. Jean knew there had to be a way of doing it more efficiently: delegate! But SVC is a hands-on sort of guy so ...

SVC writes about his stressful day learning to delegate:

Jean: SVC, you need to delete 40,000 BBS posts. Start by archiving the minis kit bash topic and having Joel upload the archives. Go on now.

SVC: But that's a ton of work!

Jean: Then delegate it to Joel.

SVC: No, no, I'll go do it.

Jean: Listen to me. Delegate. It. To. Joel.

SVC: I don't wanna delegate anything. He might screw it up.

Jean: Will the world end if he does?

SVC: No.

Jean: Were you not going to just delete it without archiving?

SVC: (whisper) yes.

Jean: Then delegate it to Joel.

SVC: I don't wanna.

Jean: Let's see. Leanna's private line is...

SVC: (whisper) I guess I can let Joel try one folder and see.

Jean: There's a good boy.


SVC: Joel says he cannot do it. His computer doesn't have a word processor on it.

Jean: Why not?

SVC: It was deleted when Jack was upgraded to Thor and hasn't been re-installed.

Jean: And your next step is?

SVC: Archive the topics myself?

Jean: Try again. Your next step is?

SVC: But I don't know how to install software on a PC. (Or a Mac, for that matter.)

Jean: Try again. Delegate.

SVC: I guess I could ask Leanna.

Jean: Good boy. Get on with it.

SVC: She said she'd do it.


Joel: Leanna installed Open Office, but it won't make PDFs.

Jean: Yes, it will.

Joel: No, it won't.

Jean: Yes, it will.

Joel: No, it won't.

Jean: Let's see. Leanna's private line is...

Joel: I guess I can go look again.

Jean: There's a good boy.

Joel: Found it under "export".

Jean: I knew you could.


Joel: Steve, I'm ready to do that now.

SVC: Oh, I already did 2003 so I could avoid working on Fed Admiral. I guess you can go do 2004.

Joel: I have archived the 2004 file.

SVC: You probably screwed it up.

Joel: Would you go check?

SVC: Hmm... your file looks better than mine.

Joel: Thanks. Shall I do 2005?

SVC: Nah, your shift is over, I'll do it after you leave.

Joel: I guess I will tell Jean that you'll be handling the rest of it.

SVC: Oh second thought, maybe you could do 2005 tomorrow?

Joel: I can try.


SVC: Jean, we have archived the 2003 and 2004 files and have deleted 826 posts.

Jean: A good start. Let me go check. Why does 2004 look different from 2003?

SVC: Maybe Joel was learning to use the software?

Jean: Do I need to ask him about that?

SVC: Oh, wait a second, yeah, I remember now. I did 2003 when he said his new software could not PDF stuff.

Jean: I thought as much. What did we learn today?

SVC: That I can archive just as well as Joel can so I don't have to delegate?

Jean: Try again?

SVC: Delegate the minis kit bash topic, and the minis update topic, to Joel while I go archive the SFB proposals topics?

Jean: Halfway there, Steve, want to give that another think?

SVC: Delegate the minis kit bash topic, and the minis update topic, to Joel while I go find other topics I can have him archive?

Jean: Much better.