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Monday, November 30, 2009

This week at ADB, Inc., 22-28 November 2009

Steve Cole reports:

This was Thanksgiving week, and we were thankful for the huge volume of mail orders for the new products. It took us all of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to catch up, and we had more orders going out on Friday. (Even today, Monday the 30th, there are tons of orders to ship.) We did finish the CL#40 supplement and the CL#40 large print edition on Sunday, so those went out on time on Monday.

The weather was clear and cool all week (overnight temps dropped to freezing).

I continued my exercise program, doing two laps around the block with Petrick every day that I was at the office, and taking Ramses hunting on the days I stayed home.

More ships went to FCOL this week, including the Hydran CWS, Kzinti DF, and Old Galaxy Pirate Destroyer.

I found a new Sudoku site since the old one won't talk to my Mac any more. I'm running 5-7 minutes, but this one doesn't use the brute force, trial-and-error method; I have to solve them properly.

Eric got a bunch of stuff uploaded, including the Captain's Log Index (updated for CL #40), the Starmada ships from CL#40, the Fed Commander Scenario Database, Klingon Army enlisted rank insignia, the first draft of the Gazetteer, the all-aces list, and the ship cards from Communique #41.

I had a nice chat with Ross at Lion Rampant, resolving the issues that interrupted our Canadian distribution.

Tony Thomas sent the revised Juggy masters to Bruce, so we should have pre-production ships in time for your Christmas tree.

We were going to take a four-day weekend, but Petrick and I snuck in for an hour on Thursday, Leanna and I worked most of Friday, and we all worked most of Saturday.

We shot and uploaded our first two YouTube marketing videos on Saturday.