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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finishing Captain's Log #40; Starting Captain's Log #41

This is Steven Petrick posting:

Today is Sunday, the 22nd of November. Somehow we have completed all of the Captain's Log #40 items (the book itself, the supplement, and the ten-point edition) in time to ship begin shipping tomorrow. It gives us the satisfaction of a job well done, and we know as soon as things go out someone will find a typo.

Still, we are happy to have provided this product to you, our customers. And surely soon the Fed Commander players will see Romulan conversions of Klingon F5Ws, just as the SFB players are about to see them in this issue. And surely they will wend their way into Romulan Armada down the road. While we have not asked Paul Franz to add the ships to the online games, I have no doubt he is already making his own plans.

I have to wonder if the Space Manta will, itself, undergo further development, perhaps providing a challenge for battleships (that weak HET ability will really hobble them in action against the Space Manta right now).

We are, of course, already "dragging our nets" (to use an old fishing term) looking for a good fiction story (we would actually like to have two or three in the can so that, not only can we do Captain's Log #41, but provide the art for Captain's Log #42 as early as possible, and be able to start begging for a story for Captain's Log #43). Good fiction stories are always a problem.

Good scenarios are a problem too. Too many submitters think all that is necessary is to put so many ships in the scenario that no one will play it. We need small and well thought out and easy to play scenarios -- something more than just "these five ships fought these five ships" since any player can set that up under (SG2.0). So what is needed is something to make it interesting and provide a challenge, preferably for both players, or a least a good solitaire scenario.

Well . . . as you can see my thoughts are already directed towards Captain's Log #41, so much so that I intend to have the battle group instructions up within the next couple of days (if they are not already up by the time you read this).