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Monday, November 23, 2009

This week at ADB, Inc., 15-21 November 2009

Steve Cole reports:

This was the week that we shipped wholesaler orders for Captain's Log #40, Border Box #9, Squadron Boxes #25 and #26, and the Klingon F5W squadron. Getting these things out was a chore that overwhelmed Mike, so Petrick and I chipped in to pack minis and fold covers. Orders were very heavy.

The weather all week was clear and chilly.

During this week, I worked on the FLAP list for CL #40 and the four new minis. I put them on the shopping cart, had Eric upload photos and cover art, and had Leanna add the options for various formats of Captain's Log. I completed the Supplemental File and the large print edition of Captain's Log #40. I sent staffers and contributors notice to claim their freebies, and had Leanna send checks to artists and writers. We sent out the "just released" alert to stores and the media. Eric uploaded the table of contents, the Input Guide, and the SFBF playtest cards. I updated the MSC for FC and sent it to Eric to upload. I updated the online text catalog and the GGIC catalog listing. I had Eric update the product schedule page and just released page on the website.

I set up all of the format files for Captain's Log #41. Petrick had me read the Battle Group set-up notes so that he could start this project and finish it early.

After the Sudoku site I was using updated (and my Mac 9 can no longer read it) I found another Sudoku site so I can keep up the doctor-ordered Alzheimer's prevention plan. I kept up reading FYEO. Petrick and I increased our daily walk to include two laps around the block.

Leanna and I had more meetings with the contractor who will (sooner or later) build her new bathroom.

At the Thursday meeting, Mike Sparks brought up the never-pursued idea of doing YouTube videos to promote our products. During that meeting, Leanna said she thought that the CapLog Supplemental Files should no longer be free uploads, starting with CL #41. Too much work goes into them, and they have too much good stuff.

We finally got the new rollers installed in the booklet maker so it will run properly again.