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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Stephen V. Cole writes:

I see these things in TV Guide where they ask some TV star what he watches on TV. I think the idea is dumb since I don't really care what actors do (only what characters do). But since TV Guide does it, maybe my fans care what I watch on TV. Here goes:
Amazing Race: I watch this show, but Leanna does not. She stopped watching two seasons ago when the husbands and wives kept screaming at each other. I get tired of the PC requirement for assorted lifestyles and am annoyed that so few actually married couples are included.

Beckett: My absolute favorite show. A savvy and sexy female detective solves cases while being annoyed by her comical sidekick, a writer named Castle. Nathan Fillion is a hoot, and his Halloween costume was a much appreciated love note to the fans. Now, if we could just get Firefly back on the air.

Bones: I just to love this show, but after the "dream" episode, it just got annoying. Let the two of them fall in love and get married and it would be a better show. At least, let the rich lab guy and the artist girl get married; they deserve happiness and nobody can be blamed for wondering if the love of your live just might betray you someday under some circumstance.

Cold Case: One of Leanna's shows that I watch. The character I liked most (the black female detective) seems to have been dropped from the show. I try to like that skinny blonde who is the main character but I just cannot imagine a fragile porcelain doll like her as a cop. I stop watching and delete any of their civil rights episodes. I don't watch TV to be preached at about the country's racist past.

CSI: Miami: I like this show a lot after they got rid of that Russian-Cuba guy who was chasing Amanda Proctor and got a new actor who can actually act. Of the three, this has the best theme song.

CSI: New York: I like about half of the people on this show, and won't forgive them for kiling off Flack's girlfriend, Angel. It does seem better written than the other two.

CSI: Vegas: I like all of the characters and actors, but much of the zing has gone out of this show without Grissom, and I didn't even like him much. He was just the glue who held the show together.

Dave Ramsay: Leanna and I love his show, although Leanna refuses to watch the interviews or debt free Friday.

Deadliest Catch: One of my favorite shows, and I cannot wait for the next season.

Defying Gravity: One of the best shows on TV, but it died because the network never really wanted it and never even tried to promote it. That it wasn't moved to SciFi is more than a tragedy.

Destination Truth: A paranormal investigation show played more for laughs than anything. The hero is a joke, and not in a good way, but Jael saves the show.

Dollhouse: one of the best shows on television. It needs to get picked up by SciFi, which also needs to pick up Firefly and Defying Gravity. And no, I refuse to refer to that channel by that new logo they came up with.

Dragon's Den: The original British version of Shark Tank. I love shows about new business ideas and entrepreneurs.

Eastwick: I am annoyed that this excellent show with wonderful actors was canceled. It is particularly annoying that this show is labeled as a ripoff of Charmed, when in fact Charmed was ripped off from the original Eastwick movie that nobody noticed.

Flash Forward: The new version of Lost, but it hasn't gotten annoying yet. I always want to watch this, but Leanna only tolerates it.

Forgotten: One of my favorites, but I have two questions. First, shouldn't the stuff this bunch does have already been done by real cops? Second, the liability issues are horrific. The first time one of these people gets killed, expect a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the police department.

Grey's Anatomy: Once my favorite show. It hasn't gotten worse, but it is just like a well-worn pair of comfortable shoes. The "post-it note marriage" is just stupid. The Chief needs to call them in and say "HR insists that you actually get married" and they need to say "Oh, yeah, we did that a year ago, we went to the JP one afternoon."

Hell's Kitchen: One of my favorites. If Hitler could cook, he'd be Gordon Ramsay.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: If I could figure out when this thing is on, I'd watch it more often, but only the episodes without that D'nofrio guy. That actor has too big an ego for me.

Law & Order: SVU: My favorite of the three, mostly because of Olivia.

Law & Order: Very enjoyable.

Lobstermen: They're trying to cash in on the Deadliest Catch craze, and it's not really working, but I do watch it.

Lock and Load: I will watch anything R. Lee Ermy does, but this is one of his better efforts.

Lost: Please tell me that this annoying nightmare will end soon! I cannot stop watching it, but I stopped enjoying it a very long time ago.

Mary Queen of Shops: One of my favorite shows. I love her and I love the business turnaround format.

Mentalist: One of the best and cleverest shows on TV. This is of course a ripoff of Psyche, but done as a drama not a comedy, and it's just a lot better. I like Lisbon almost as much as Beckett.

Monsterquest: If they'd just find a monster, this would be a better show. I hate how they drag out the investigation as it produces underwhelming results.

Mysteryquest: An attempt to get more mileage out of the Monsterquest format. Watchable, but you know that they aren't really going to find anything. I understand that they have to play to the paranormal audience since the skeptics won't waste their time watching this kind of stuff, but I do wish they'd just come out and say "This is a load of nonsense promoted by people who write and sell books about the paranormal."

NCIS: LA: I tried to like this show, but I do not like a single one of the characters on it, and most of this first season is stacking up on Tivo unwatched.

NCIS: Used to be one of my favorite shows, but it has been on too long and I'm tired of it. I love Ziva but the plot lines around her simply make no sense.

Nostradamaus Effect: I watch this mostly for laughs. I know they have to play to the gullible people who eat this nonsense up, but it's still nonsense.

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: I love both the American and British versions. I'd never eat anything that guy cooks, but I love how he turns businesses around.

Sanctuary: I quit watching this mess on the third episode. I mention it here only because I want this badly written and badly concepted mess canceled so that Amanda Tapping will be moved to a better show.

Shark Tank: The pale American copy of Dragon's Den, it's still very watchable.

Smallville: Once Leanna's favorite show that she had to drag me to watch, we finally started on this season (eight episodes were in Tivo) and Leanna herself says that this season is just stupid.

Stargate Universe: I just don't like anybody but the colonel, and just hate the concept of the show. The two part time-loop show remains on Tivo and I'm not at all sure Leanna and I will even finish it.

Survivor: I still watch it, but am years beyond enjoying it, and I cannot wait for it to be canceled.

Suze Ormon: Leanna and I love her and her show, and just want to strangle these idiots who got into so much debt. Leanna and I could qualify to buy anything, because we didn't spend more than we had.

Swords: They're trying to cash in on the Deadliest Catch craze, and it's not really working, but I do watch it.

V: I am really liking this show, far more than the original, but then, Morena Baccarin is a dish. Leanna still likes the original better. The new plot twists are making it very interesting.