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Monday, November 16, 2009

This week at ADB, Inc., 8-15 November 2009

Steve Cole reports:

This was the final week of doing Captain's Log #40 (which is printing down the hall as I compile this summary at 4pm on Sunday the 15th). We had a lot of long nights, mostly due to one of my hard disks rolling over and being dead, but it got done, and it's a very good issue.

We began the "viewpoint experiment," creating a topic on the BBS where only Liberals can post, and one where only Conservatives could post. The theory is to keep people coming back to the site by allowing them to post their views and read the views of those with a similar viewpoint, without getting into arguments. There was a lot of stupid questions by people trying to pretend they didn't understand the rules, but it seems to be working, for now. We did maintain the ban on gun control, abortion, and gay issues.

On Monday, I found an empty lady's purse on the front step and called the police, who came and picked it up.

The weather was good all week. Steve Petrick decided to join me on my daily walk around the block, and by today we decided to start doing two laps. My health has been pretty bad and I'm trying to build it back.

The website where I played sudoku every day for a year stopped talking to my Mac-9, but I found another one.

I began a project to rotate the chairmanship of the company meetings. Petrick did this on Tuesday; Leanna, on Wednesday. I did it on Saturday.

We did get Communique and Hailing Frequencies done on time (the 10th) and the new products press release went out on Thursday.

On Wednesday, we got the biggest Alliance restock this year. Got a surprise phone call from an old State Guard buddy (Bill Dyer).

Getting the three boxes of miniatures out was a circus or maybe a crisis. We kept having to have the art done over but finally got all three covers Friday afternoon. Somewhere along the week we discovered that we had mis-ordered some ships and had to have two emergency boxes sent for delivery next Tuesday. (We have enough to do the Monday shipments.)