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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Captain's Log #40 Approaches Launch

This is Steven Petrick Posting:

Yes, SVC and I are still here plowing away. We might get out of here by 2130, but I would not count on it.

There exists at this time a complete, printed out, draft of the book, but of course in paging through it a few errors are found here, and a few errors are found there, that have to be corrected.

Yes, I know we have never printed a perfect error free book, but it does not stop us from trying to keep the error rate down to as low a roar as possible.

SVC has tried a few new things here and there, and is pleased with the results (we think you will like them too).

Mike Sparks spent much of today making the final preparations for a busy day tomorrow. Things are bagged, stacked,and staged for optimum production. We have problems (a mistake was made in the miniatures we ordered, which has left us short handed on what we need, but it was discovered and an emergency restock of the short items was sent, and we have every reason to believe that we will have the required miniatures on time to fill all of the wholesaler orders next week . . . which in turn means we will have plenty for the mail orders the following week.

Eric Olivarez and Leanna have done their bits to keep things rolling and to insure that all that needs doing is done.

Jean Sexton has threatened many long range Gibbsing's if we do not make the schedule, so much fear is felt in the design offices.