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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


ADB, Inc., has released FIVE new products.

CAPTAIN'S LOG #40, SKU #5740, $19.95
Space Manta: A previously unknown monster appears, and the Federation X-ship Colin Powell is fighting for its life and the lives of millions of colonists. The issue also includes new ships, scenarios, and updates for Federation Commander, SFB, F&E, Starmada, and SFBF.

KLINGON F5W War Destroyer SKU #0397, $19.95
The powerful destroyer that the Klingons introduced late in the General War is now introduced to your gaming table. Ready to guard a flank, protect a convoy, or slip through a gap in the lines to strike hard and deep behind Federation lines. Sold in a three-ship package.

Squadron Box #25: SKU #4325, $34.95
Three more Lyran ships (CL, NCA, DW), along with the Klingon F5W and the WYN FF.

Squadron Box #26: SKU #4326, $34.95
Five more ships for the Hydran fleet: Ranger, Tartar, Iroquois, Rhino Hunter, and Buffalo Hunter.

BORDER BOX #9 SKU #4409, $99.95
Play to Win! Here to support the expanded Hydran, Lyran, WYN, and Klingon fleets from Hydran Attack and Booster Packs #25-#27, this box includes 24 pewter starships from the Alpha Octant's always turbulent western theater. The Four Powers War never ended.