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Friday, November 13, 2009

Captain's Log #40 Nears the Finish Line

This is Steven Petrick Posting:

Well, we lost time due to SVC's hard drive giving up the ghost (fortunately we were able to recover the data), so despite our best efforts, here we are again, working late hours to try to finish Captain's log and get it to press. We really, really, really did plan on having about a 100 copies already printed by now, but instead we are trying to finish it. We have all 120 pages in draft, but there are still final bugs and edits and reports to deal with. SVC is on the phone with Jean Sexton even now running corrections on files that were sent to us.

I am going to avoid discussing what I have been doing, principally because it would sound too much like I was bragging about things that took far, far, far more work and time to do than they should have.

I do want to make sure that a thank you goes out to all the authors, both of the fiction stories, and the tactics articles, however small they were in many cases, that make Captain's Log possible, and sometimes surprise even me with things about the game that I did not know.

The Supplement for Captain's Log #40 is coming along better because we have a better idea of what we are going to put in it, and set those things aside as we go. We might even have it out for Christmas.

Mike Sparks is here, working on checking miniatures and getting them packed so that they will also ship (yes, even Mike Sparks has to put in late hours). We have to send Leanna home before dark, so she is not here except in spirit (and our memories of the threats of many "Gibbsings" if we do not get our jobs done).

Looks like we will make the shipping schedule right now, by dint of hard work and late hours.