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Monday, November 09, 2009

THIS WEEK at ADB, Inc., 1-8 November 2009

Steve Cole reports:

This was the first of the final two weeks of working on Captain's Log #40, and most of the week went into that project. We did well early in the week, but ran into some snags on Friday and by Sunday were just beyond 72% finished. (The goal for that point was 80%, and there are going to be some long days in the subsequent week.)

The weather was pretty good for November. Most days reached the 70s but a couple of mornings were in the 40s.

I managed to keep up on Email and FYEO this week. I did manage to get an Alert out on Marketing Monday, some play aids and the new FC MSC done on Customer Request Wednesday, and the iPhone contract finished on Contract Friday. I took a walk around the block a few times to try to build up enough stamina to actually exercise, and Petrick joined me a couple of times. The week's three staff meetings were very brief as we all knew what we were doing.

John Sickels stopped by on Tuesday during his annual trip to Arizona, and we enjoyed a nice dinner. Petrick and I played Space Hulk again on the second Wednesday Game Night. Leanna, Petrick, and I went to the T-party on Thursday but did not stay very long as we had work to do.

Leanna and I met twice with the architect who is planning her new bathroom. My score on long-range off-hand target shooting remained in the low 70s.