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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have had a blog on the other website BBS (www.starfleetgames.com/discus, look under company info) for years but never really understood it. This new blog started just before I left for Europe and when Vanessa asked me what my plan was to post blogs from Germany I said my plan was to wait until I got back. Apparently, this is something really bad. (She has this hurt expression when I don't guess the right answer to her questions.)

As I grasp the concept, dimly, blogging has two purposes. One is to get the web spiders to notice that you did "something" to your web site almost every day (a requirement I tend to resent) and the other is to "communicate" not just company press releases but the concepts by which a business is run, the "spirit" if you will.

Side note, I wonder if Vanessa should be posting as blog entries the text portion of our Alerts?

Anyway, if you really want to dig into the company philosophy, I guess you could hunt down the other blog.

Upon returning from Europe, I found that Vanessa, Steve Petrick, and even Jolene were blogging in my absence. Shucks, I guess I didn't exactly prohibit them from doing so. I'm not clear what some of those posts have to do with anything, but then many of you aren't clear what my posts have to do with anything either.

I'll try to blog more often myself, and copy the same posts to both blogs.

In a sense, learning to blog is just one part of learning the new way my business is going to run. New product lines are part of it, as is this new web site, but a bigger part is new operating concepts.