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Sunday, August 07, 2016

On Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Living

Jean Sexton muses:

August is an interesting and challenging month for me. There are a lot of memories and events tied to the month.

August 2014 is when I started driving the U.S.S. Arctic Wolf on a regular basis. When I got it, I had owned Baby Car for 14 years. The old car had averaged well over 30,000 miles a year during its early life. Now my car had 8078 miles on it and I added 3827.4 of those during its second year. (Some of the reason it is so low is due to its not being driven much while I was ill or restricted from driving after the seizure I had in December.) I love the Arctic Wolf for knocking about town, its primary use.

Anniversaries come in both good and bad. While it was the month of my parents' wedding anniversary, it is also the month when my father passed away. I know I was fortunate to have my father for as long as I did, but there are times when I selfishly wish he were still here. I hope that I embody the lessons he tried to teach me about living my life both honorably and kindly.

Some of the sorrow each year is now mitigated by celebrating Wolf's birthday. Wolf always gets a cake (well, his people do), toys, clothes (harness, collar, and leash), a bed (to replace the most worn-out one), and other needed items. It is a way for people at the office to celebrate together and that is always a good thing.

 Wolf's birthday cake in 2016.

For me, August is also a celebration of being alive. Back in 2009, it was the start of a process that would ultimately determine that I did not have breast cancer. In 2015, it was the start of a process that would determine that I did have endometrial cancer and would remove it completely.

The outcome: I am alive and flourishing. I can celebrate the good, mourn the sad, and most importantly share it all with you. I share with you because many of you have been there all the time that I have been part of the Star Fleet Universe. You've supported me when the bad things happened and rejoiced with me when the news was good. And that is just part of why I love this company so much -- the terrific people who happen to play our games.