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Sunday, July 31, 2016

On AMA-Con, Health, and Happiness

Jean Sexton muses:

AMA-Con 2016 was an interesting event for ADB to attend. The gaming portion is still relatively young compared to the anime, comics, and cosplay portions. We had to feel our way along for this convention. We'd been to Origins, but that convention has always had a strong gaming component.

We thought with the release of the new movie that people might be interested in pewter miniatures and indeed some of those did go home with attendees. We hoped that demoing Star Fleet Battle Force would have those flying off the shelf. We did find a couple of people who bought the game. And 41 "challenged" starships found adoptive families.

There were some intangible benefits that will pay off in the future. We built some bridges with local stores. We don't know how many people (but we know there are some) want to buy the game through their favorite gaming or comic store. We built up some stock that won't go to waste. We polished up some of our convention skills.

One thing became clear to me: I still don't have the stamina I need to work a long convention. I was pretty tired by the end of Saturday. By Sunday afternoon, my "get up and go" had fled, gibbering into the heat. I'll need to work on building up that stamina.

On the other hand, just before the convention I found much to be happy about. My health continues to improve, my medications continue to be decreased, and my weight is generally on a downward trend. In another year who knows what I will have accomplished?

In the meantime I continue to find happiness and the positive in life. I loved seeing all the skills that went into the cosplay at the convention. I had no clue who some of the characters were, but I could tell that others did. I enjoyed meeting people and chatting with them. And ultimately, I am glad I could actually be at the convention. I hope some of you can make it next year.

And life is good.