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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life in the Office

This is Steven Petrick posting.

I am not sure when Jean will take up full time monitoring the blog, and I try to remind myself to check in here and do something. It is,  however, difficult for me as I do not want to keep repeating myself (which it seems I often do, mostly like right now where I am noting how hard it is for me to come up with something to say that is not a repeat . . . sheesh).

As usual of late, I went by Jean's and picked up the dog and brought him to the office. We do this as Jean cannot really walk him when he needs to be walked during the day, and this makes sure he will get his walks at reasonable times. The first time being the moment we get to the office, i.e., once I get here the first think I do when I open the door of my car is start walking the dog. The dog, being a creature of habit, has learned that this is what will happen when he rides to the office in my car. He is also, doubtless annoyed, that I will make him sit and wait before he can go into the office at the end of the walk (and of course I make him sit and wait before I take him out of the office). On the plus side, others in the office are picking up on parts of this drill and even SVC makes the dog sit and wait before he can go out the office door.

The dog does know the difference between when he is allowed out of the office and  not. He knows he cannot go out the door if he does not have a leash on, although sometimes he will get excited and run out (like to kill the mailman . . . how does this dog know to kill mailmen? He does, and he is fanatic about it).

SVC now takes him on his afternoon (1500 hrs) constitutionals.