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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Confusion at the Office

This is Steven Petrick posting.

With Jean in the hospital, things have gotten a little off.

I normally look at the Blog once a day, even if I am not scheduled to post on it. I have been busy and distracted and have not come here to look on my normal schedule.

I was advised that Jean would be checking on and running the blog from the hospital Tuesday, and so did not come around on Wednesday or Tuesday.

Today I visited and . . .

Well, that at least explains why there have been no posts for a few days.

SVC is getting a little stronger and spending more time at his desk in the office.

Leanna had some car trouble, but it has been resolved. (Something went haywire with her brake lights and they kept draining the battery until the battery just totally died, i.e., it could not take a charge at all anymore.) The period where her vehicle was down has resulted in some additional confusion around the office (she called me yesterday to see if I would take SVC home, forgetting that SVC had his own car at the office and did not need a ride).

I am going through a few report line items that have come in for the Romulan Master Star Ship Book. Mostly minor things.