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Friday, January 08, 2016

And So the Story Goes

This is Steven Petrick posting.

We are still trying to get things back on a steady footing. Orders are going out (and have continued to go out all through as both Leanna and Mike Sparks have worked to make that so). The problem is the disruptions of Jean. It is not just a matter of keeping her spirits up in this time, but trying to cover those aspects of the company that were normally her balliwick. You can see this in the missed posts, as she normally coordinates those.

Sure, we used to keep this blog going before she came here full time, but one of us has since forgotten how to access the site, and all of us have forgotten that it needs to be done daily. So, for the nonce, I have tried to take over on a daily basis.

We have had a couple of people asking about doing fiction, so perhaps we will soon have a story around which to build Captain's Log #51. We shall see.

We are, today, keeping an eye on the weather. We are not expecting a blizzard this time, but a light snowfall is possible, but with luck not until after normal business hours. We are, however, all happy that it will not be preceded by a rain turning to ice.

SVC is gaining more strength and spending more time at his desk getting things done. I have had the cough from the last iteration of "office plague" return, but do not otherwise seem to be sick, just a lot of coughing (sigh).