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Friday, May 08, 2015


21. Friendly fire isn't friendly, which is why it's illegal.

22. Tractors are weapons too.

23. The best plan can be ruined by the worst dice.

24. The worst plan can be saved by the best dice.

25. Transporters are weapons, too.

26. If you are one hex from firing position against an Andro, his Displacement Device is armed.

27. If your ADDs can fire at the Stingers, it's too late to bother firing.

28. Firing at the enemy invites him to overrun you.

29. If you loaded your G-rack with type-IVs, the enemy will show up in a D6D.

30. Whatever you thought that enemy shuttle was, you were wrong.

-- Garth Getgen, Steve Cole, Steven Petrick, Larry Ramey, Kirk Spencer, Jessica Orsini, Ron Sonnek, Andy Vancil, Ben Moldovan, Mark Kuyper, Howard Berkey, Timothy Steeves-Walton, David Keyser, Oliver Dewey Upshaw, Carl Magnus-Carlsson, Kirk Spencer, Richard K. Glover, Jeff Zellerkraut, Andy Palmer, Sean Newton, Daniel Zimmerman, Jason Goodwin, Michael Sweet, Paul Stovel, John Sierra, John Sickels, Sandy Hemenway