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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Where is the Klingon Master Starship Book?

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The Klingon Master Starship Book is scheduled as the next entry in the Master Starship Book series. Including all of the extant "real" ship descriptions from all published products and issues of Captain's Log (excluding Captain's Log #28). By real I mean that anything that appeared in a Stellar Shadows product is not regarded as part of the actual canon, but material in Captain's Log is, as well as other game modules.

The editing of this book went into a more intensive review of Klingon carrier escorts (the few ADWs are more restricted, the single E5E appears in only a single carrier table, among other fixes) and of the deployment of Klingon fighters. The article in Captain's Log #25 required considerable contemplation, and the data on how fighters flow through the system was carefully considered.

Currently all of the text is in the hands of staffers who are checking for mistakes, and who may take issue with some of the decisions on fighter deployments. These will be considered and fixed, along with any other mistakes they find. We hope to make this as good a product as we can. Jean Sexton has already been seen sharpening her purple pens in preparation for eviscerating the text looking for things she finds objectionable and threatening extreme pain if one of her pens happens to run out of ink while she is perusing the text.

Ship graphics are the other issue, and the initial list of graphics that must be created has been generated. SVC has already gone through the process of setting a specific scale (necessary due to the existence of the B11 super battleship). Some day, when we do the Seltorians, the Hive Ship graphic will probably simply take up one entire column of its own due to the scale issue.

In any case, a complete draft can now be considered to exist, but pending graphics and found errors that will need fixing, I cannot make a prediction on a release date.