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Friday, May 01, 2015


11. The question the enemy just asked the judge has nothing to do with his attack plan. Unless it does.

12. Critical hits are the game's way of suggesting that you take a break.

13. If you have the enemy where you want him, you just walked into a trap.

14. Never taunt the enemy; maybe he wasn't planning on fighting you.

15. Any maneuver you make might convince the enemy to fire at you, including doing nothing.

16. Build defenses around your base that the enemy cannot break into, and you won't be able to break out.

17. Never get into a battle with an ally who is braver than you are.

18. If you are short of energy, weapons, and shuttles, you are in the combat zone.

19. When you have secured the star system, don't forget to let the enemy know.

20. Never forget that your ship was built by the lowest bidder.

-- Garth Getgen, Steve Cole, Steven Petrick, Larry Ramey, Kirk Spencer, Jessica Orsini, Ron Sonnek, Andy Vancil, Ben Moldovan, Mark Kuyper, Howard Berkey, Timothy Steeves-Walton, David Keyser, Oliver Dewey Upshaw, Carl Magnus-Carlsson, Kirk Spencer, Richard K. Glover, Jeff Zellerkraut, Andy Palmer, Sean Newton, Daniel Zimmerman, Jason Goodwin, Michael Sweet, Paul Stovel, John Sierra, John Sickels, Sandy Hemenway