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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Steve Cole lists the ten dumbest reasons to open a business.

10. It sounds like fun.

9. How hard could it be?

8. I want to be famous!

7. I want a place to hang out all day and play on the computer and get paid for it.

6. I want something easy and profitable to do during my retirement years.

5. I need a place to invest all of my money that will pay me more interest than the bank.

4. I can get the supplies for my hobby at a discount.

3. If that guy on TV can do it, so can I because I watched every episode. Who needs actual experience?

2. Interviewing new employees will be a great way to meet interesting people I can date.

1. I am tired of working my rear end off so that somebody else can live the high life. I want to have the easy job, sitting in the office counting the profit.