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Thursday, September 04, 2014

A Hydran Master Starship Book

This is Steven Petrick posting.

I had meant to keep this secret for a little while longer, but as SVC has published the fact that I am working on it in his daily files, I will take this opportunity to let you all know.

The first Master Starship Book done was actually the Hydrans, done as a prototype to see what it would take. Since that prototype appeared, there have been a lot of changes and additions to how we are going to do these, as was seen in the Federation Master Starship Book. Since much of the work (assembling most of the ship descriptions) had already been done, I have added the missing ones and gone through the book to add the missing material that was developed for the Federation Master Starship Book. The draft is currently out of the office being checked by a select group, and we do not intend to actually release the book until October at the earliest.

One of the delays in getting the Federation book out was the ship graphics, but we have a working system now, and have actually completed all of the regular graphics as of today.

This book will actually be smaller overall (tentatively less than 110 pages) even though it includes all of the same information. Some of the general ships that were not included in the Federation book are included in the Hydran book because the way the Hydrans operate means there are some differences that had to be accounted for (those Hydran Stingers).

This book does incorporate material that appeared in Captain's Log, to include a better integration of the various Hydran fighters that have appeared there.

The book is not finished, and we are taking this next month (September) to finish the polishing.