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Friday, September 12, 2014

101 Ways to Kill the B10, Part 10

91. Assign it to the studio for "KDSF Blue."

92. Tell the Federation it is not politically correct.

93. Tell the Lyrans it is a Kzinti ship.

94. Tell the Kzintis that the Klingons are going to send it to the Lyrans to copy.

95. Tell the Seltorians the Tholians are using it.

96. Tell the Tholians the Seltorians are using it.

97. Wreck the shuttles so it cannot launch a wild weasel.

98. Tell the French it belongs to Greenpeace.

99. Hire Tim "the Toolman" Taylor as chief engineer.

100. Replace the central computer with a 486.

101. Dare it to do three HETs in a row.

c. 1994, Amarillo Design Bureau, from Captain's Log #16.