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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hydran Master Starship Book Update

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Work on the Hydran Master Starship Book continues apace.

All of the graphics have been completed, but not inserted.

All of the carrier and escort data tables have been checked for "explosions" and re-edited and re-sized as needed (one of the annoying things about the program is that there is a tendency for these tables to look perfectly fine on the computer screen, and then "blow up" with extra "tabs" and spaces suddenly causing escorts to jump into the fighter column, and fighters to jump into the escorts column). These will have to be checked again and again as reports are made that affect them (putting in a missing comma, or deleting an excess comma, can cause them to explode again).

All published information on the Hydrans in Captain's Log has been integrated.

As always, this being a newer book than the Federation book that preceded it, new concepts are introduced (a "survey ship variant" that appeared in Captain's Log has been moved from the "ships in Captain's Log" section to be with its primary survey ship and a note to this fact left in the "ships in Captain's Log" section for example). We are considering doing the same with the X-Ship that was in Captain's Log (moving it to the end of the X-ships section), but as of now have simply added a note at the end of the X-ships section mentioning that this other X-ship can be found in the "ships in Captain's Log" section.

So far the checkers have not found many items needing adjustment/correction, but all items have been dealt with.