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Friday, September 19, 2014



Jean: Good morning. Did you have a good weekend?

SVC: Yes, Leanna and I went to see the university ballet troupe doing Swan Lake in the park.

Jean: Is that the troupe known as The Fantastics?

SVC: Yes. They just did the one lake scene. The college girls danced in formation in the middle of the gazebo while some junior high school prodigy half their size danced around the outside edge, just
in front of the audience.

Jean: Was it an enjoyable experience?

SVC: It was until I crossed my legs and accidentally tripped the light Fantastic.


Jean: Good morning.

SVC: What comes after 75?

Jean: Seventy-six?

SVC: That's the spirit!


Jean: Good morning. Where did you and Petrick go after we all had dinner last night?

SVC: We went cow-tipping.

Jean: Is that where you grab the feet of a cow on one side and tip him over? My grandfather did that to a cow when I was a toddler so that I could pet her. Where did you go?

SVC: We drove 40 miles west on country roads looking for a cow by itself, then drove 30 miles back toward town before we found a rare Schleswig-Holstein cow alone in a field. She tipped over quite nicely!

Jean: That was quite a drive.

SVC: Yes, we had to go a long, long way to tip a "rarie."


Jean: Good morning.

SVC: Leanna and I won't be in tomorrow until after lunch.

Jean: What's up?

SVC: We have to go to the memorial service for my old high school and college friend, Frank Jack Caution. His real name was Franklin John but we all called him Frank Jack.

Jean: He was your age?

SVC: Yes, and my weight. He died suddenly of a heart attack, at a traffic light with his wife in the car with him. Janet is just devastated and in shock.

Jean: That's terrible!

SVC: It won't be a traditional service. She had him cremated and tomorrow we'll throw Caution to the winds.


Jean: Good morning.

SVC: What comes after 35?

Jean: (suspicious) a joke? (pause) OK, thirty-six?

SVC: What comes after 48?

Jean: Forty-nine?

SVC: What comes after sixty-three?

Jean: Sixty-four?

SVC: Well, I always knew you were a square.


Jean: Good morning.

SVC: The computer game deal went through!

Jean: What computer game deal?

SVC: Never mind that. We invested the money in buying 30% of the best soccer team in the Philippines. They were about to fold, but with our investment, they have the World Cup in the bag!

Jean: Oh really?

SVC: Our share includes the US merchandise rights, so get busy with Simone creating a line of products and a marketing campaign to sell them.

Jean: What's the name of the team?

SVC: The Manilla Envelopes!