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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Steven Petrick writes:


I do not care who you vote for, whether the Democrat, the Green, the Libertarian, the Republican, some other independent, or even the Socialist Workers (Communist) Party.


As long as you vote honestly, i.e., do not write in Micky Mouse or Donald Duck or what have you.

Even if you cannot vote for somebody, at least vote for what YOU believe is the lesser evil. Do not allow a greater evil to win just because all of the choices in your view are bad ones.

I wore a uniform and carried a rifle, sat in the rain and snow in the mud, sometimes missed a meal for more than a decade of my life so that you would have this right.

So vote.

Do not vote as I vote, I do not ask anything more of you than that you exercise your franchise and be as honest in your selection as you can.

Do not vote for a Democrat just because you are a Democrat, or a Republican just because you are a Republican, or for any other party just because you are a member of that party.

Just cast the best vote you can.

It is all I ask.

It is what I suffered for, what millions of others through the history of this country suffered for, and many of them far worse than I did, and a lot of them died or were crippled for the remainder of their lives.

So casting an honest vote, doing your solemn duty as a citizen, is the least I, and they, can ask of you.