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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Steve Cole reports:

TV Guide is always running those articles about which shows some celebrity watches. I couldn't care less, but obviously all of you guys want to know what I am watching. Ok, here goes:

Amazing Race:
I watch this, but Leanna refuses because three or four seasons ago the producers used too much footage of husbands and wives yelling at each other. The show's producers pick too many non-traditional couples, and I'd rather see more married couples.

Blue Bloods: Your standard dysfunctional cop family show, which I suppose only got on the air because Tom Selleck agreed to walk through it. The underlying conspiracy theory is just stupid and should be quietly forgotten ASAP.

Bones: Once a favorite show, now watched out of habit. The frustrated romance angle has just gone on too long. If they had started this season with Bones and Booth getting married, it would be one of my favorite shows.

Castle: My personal favorite and Leanna's third favorite. I love how the sexy detective manages to solve the case despite the interference of her buffoonish sidekick.

Chase: A new show, portraying another side of sexy female US marshals. (The one on In Plain Sight does witness protection; the one on this show tracks federal fugitives.) Very watchable and somewhat more realistic than some of the other cop shows.

Chuck: This is a cute show I actually enjoy, although we seem to have all of last season on Tivo unwatched.
CSI: Miami: I haven't seen the first episode of the year yet, but I will watch Emily Proctor shoot holes in a phone book. And the cases are fun, even if too many of them involve The Beautiful People (TM ).

CSI: New York: Not as worn out as CSI, but I get tired of the New York accents and think the cute chick married the wrong guy. Anyway, the new FBI babe is much cuter and smarter that the original Greek babe, so I'll give it another year.

CSI (Vegas): I still watch it out of habit, but they should have just shut down after Grissom left. The show hasn't been the same and Fishburne is just an empty (and overpaid) suit.

Detroit 1-8-7: One of the grittier cop shows, with good characters. No real babes in it, which sort of helps the reality and grittiness. Fitch seems modeled on Munch.

Good Guys: One of the most original shows on TV (and probably the most original cop show since the first episode of Law & Order). The two goofball cops are assigned the least important cases and always stumble into the biggest crime bust of the year. I love the babe prosecutor who played a demon on a different show.

Grey's Anatomy: My #2 favorite show and Leanna's #1. I would be a lot happier if the board would call in the two lovebirds and tell them that a Justice of the Peace is there to make it legal and they can just grow up.

Hawaii Five O: A fantasy cop show where the governor protects the police from being bothered by judges and the Constitution. What a world. Best. Theme. Music. Ever. Leanna thinks that Danno is modeled on Petrick.

Hellcats: Leanna watches this; I do not.

Hell's Kitchen: I seriously enjoy this show, even if Ramsay has never cooked anything that my allergies would allow me to eat. Interesting dynamics of leadership.

Law & Order: Los Angeles: We gave it a try, and Leanna quickly voted to dump it. I may give it a second try but I am not impressed. Both of the canceled L&Os (the original and Criminal Intent) were far better.

Law & Order: SVU: I will watch Mariska read a phone book. That said, the cases are cleverly written and interesting, even if some of them are "icky".

Law & Order: UK: I caught one episode of this on BBC America more or less by accident, and found it interesting to watch even if it's hard to follow the garbled English.

Mentalist: A favorite show because Patrick Jane always pulls out something that isn't magic but might as well be. I love how the understated-sexy detective manages to solve the case despite the interference of her buffoonish sidekick.

NCIS: Leanna's #2 favorite, but a show I think has been on the air for two seasons too many. I manage to sit through it without falling asleep, but I would be happy if it ended.

Nikita: In this retelling of the classic story, Nikita escaped from Division (which has gone rogue and now runs its own missions for its own profit and the government hasn't noticed because some of those missions are favors for crooked politicians). The Asian babe they got to play Nikita is incredible, but the idea of computer access in and out of Division is laughable.

No Ordinary Family:
I have only seen one season of this rip-off of the Fantastic Four, but it seems watchable, even if I'll never believe that Chiklis could get a babe like that to marry him.

Smallville: Now on the official last season, I officially stopped watching it. I actually stopped watching it two years ago and just sat there reading a book and ignoring it while Leanna watched it, but I'm tired of pretending.

Stargate Universe: I just watch it for the colonel, and even then mostly to critique his goofs with Petrick at lunch the next day. Could have been so much more than it is.

Undercover Boss: An interesting show about how to improve a business. I just cannot believe that there is a coffee break room in America without the boss's photo just so nobody gets fooled by this.

Universe: A science show that isn't on often enough. Sometimes I cannot follow it, but most of the time I love the astronomy photos and the astrobabes. I keep meaning to look up if they're actually doctors or professors or something since it seems they would have to be to be selected as spokeswomen.

Whole Truth: Seems to be a good show, but I cannot watch it until I finish two more seasons of NUMB3RS since one actor is in very different roles in the two shows. So, we'll bank this for later in the year when we run out of new shows.