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Monday, May 03, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 25 April-1 May 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather was cool all week. Not rainy, but cool and often cloudy. The 4000+ per day spam storm relented briefly, dropping to a few hundred and then slowing building back to over 2000 per day.

The heating element on one of the bookbinders burned out. After reviewing the cost of the new (much better) model (half the cost of the models we have) and the cost of refurbishment, we decided to trade it in for one of the new ones. We should have the new one next week.

We did not like the quote for die cutting and are evaluating other combinations of products to print and the size of print runs.

My week was less productive than it should have been. I seem to be coasting, recharging my batteries for the two months of hell between now and Origins. I did get the last of the medal pages done, at least, to the point I stopped. The CL#41 stuff of course isn't done, and the lower awards on older products aren't done. I packed 48 more Zocchi plastic part bags. I did the Seltorian BB and BBL. I got almost all of Communique #53 finished.

Petrick and I reviewed the TK5 and Fed LTT minis and talked with Bruce about getting them ready for Origins release. Petrick continued work on CL#41 (he's about done with his part) and R12. I did win an argument with Petrick over a point of history (thanks to Google). That's only the third time in twenty years that I've been right and he's been wrong about a historical fact. Over Tuesday night supper, Petrick spun a Klingon tale of murder, espionage, a tawdry affair, and betrayal. I rushed home to type it into the home computer before it was lost. Jean liked the story.

Jean is closing in on PD FED and wants to have at least prototype copies of it for Origins. The Fralli remain a problem but Jean is working on that. She did finish the Dread Pirate Aldo booklet (sixteen pages of PD FED which will come out for Free RPG day).

Leanna and Mike were busy all week with orders. Joel helped them while he was also doing website improvements and stuff for Jean. Joel did most of the binding on Dread Pirate Aldo.

The remodeling of our home is now officially finished. The last details were completed (by me) and we paid the contractor the final check. There is one other project (replacing the 30 year old windows with modern energy star models) but that's a one-day deal. Leanna and I forced ourselves to take time off to go see a play (a legitimate date for us old married people) on Friday night.