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Monday, April 26, 2010

This Week at ADB, Inc., 18-25 April 2010

Steve Cole reports:

The weather was rainy all week, for the second week in a row, which (in this part of the country) is an unusual and good thing. The farm crops will be good and the local economy will do well.

The daily Spam flood dropped from 4000 to about 600 and I almost miss it. Almost.

This was the week that we released Romulan Armada, Squadron Box #27, the Pegasus miniature, and the Klingon B9 Fast Battleship miniature. It began badly (with the discovery that almost all of the Romulan Armada books were defective because the PDF ship cards got corrupted by the print drivers) but Mike Sparks noticed this after binding the first 100 books, and so Leanna and I rushed in on Sunday afternoon to fix the situation. While I was here, Jean called with a crisis that actually ended better than what we had before.

Most of my (Steve Cole's) week was busy. I worked on R12 submissions so Petrick can finish that up (and I can do the countersheets on time for them to be ready for Origins Game Fair). I did most of the remaining staff medal pages. The optimized dreadnought discussion terrified people. I finished the FLAP list for the April releases. I got some of the Communique for 10 May done. I posted the Cobra from Federation Commander War & Peace.

Our lawyer called for the annual review of everything, and everything is just fine.

We all went to the annual Miller Paper expo, which is sort of a practice for the Company Picnic (trade show) in May.

We got a shocking memo from GAMA, which for the first time has decided to go to Gencon-style unloading rules.

Petrick continued working on R12 and CL#41.

Jean continued closing in on PD FEDERATION, if only the stupid Fralli and their idiotic spark touch would just go away. The Antareans were also troublesome. Jean got me to do most of the Dread Pirate Aldo book. Jean says our page on Facebook is up to 262 fans.

Mike Sparks stayed busy shipping orders and binding books, but took time on Friday to shoot two more marketing videos.

Joel Shutts got the 10 May Hailing Frequencies done since his college finals will conflict with doing it at the normal time schedule. Joel migrated the blog to a new hosting area because the old one was shutting down. If he did it right, none of you will be able to tell.

The Contractor working on our house officially completed the project, except for a separate project to replace the windows with energy bonus types, except that the fancy flash water heater system keeps shorting out.

On 24 April, we had the pre-meeting for the annual May 1st "go to Origins Game Fair" schedule meeting. The pre-meeting set up the calendar and made a list of questions we cannot answer, such as the date the die-cutter has to have the stuff.