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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is happening at ADB, inc.

This is Steven Petrick Posting:

Work proceeds apace on various projects. Some, of course, get more attention than others. There is (assuming outside the office submissions arrive as scheduled) absolutely no reason that Captain's Log #41 will not be released on time. Most of what I normally do for it has been done well in advance, and we had the fiction story that Scott Moellmer submitted for the last Captain's Log ready to go for this one. SVC has been busily trying to wrap up his own parts, and I am working on a few side projects that might gain a page or two.

Module R12 is taking up its own time on the schedule (as might be imagined) as are the new Federation Commander release and lots of miniatures.

We just got the quotes for countersheets, and I have to admit they were scary. We are hoping there was an error in the calculations by the company (since these are single-sided counters, but the cost was the same as for double-sided counters). So we are going to have to talk with them.

Monday will be the "company picnic", what we call the "Business Connection" gathering, and that will close the office for most of the day.

Tonight will be the office cleaning, so I will be here a while yet.