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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The High Church of Global Warming

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

One of the problems with this world (and it has always been a problem, even back when Ugg and Gug were trying to figure out the best way to bring down a game animal at the dawn of Man) is the question of "whom to believe". Our leaders are, even now, negotiating our future based on their own passionate belief that the planet is undergoing a change in climate, and it is Man's fault. The problem is that the Climate Research Unit has been shown to have feet made of something considerably more pungent than mere clay. This is the leading temple in the faith of man caused global warming, and its inhabitants are its high priests. And they have, we find, acted as such. They have seen that their own wisdom is so great that they are allowed to conceal, and even destroy, any information that might cause doubts in the faithful. Further, they have taken unto themselves by right of their faith the obligation to destroy others in order to further their cause.

There cannot be any doubt at all that the men at the Climate Research Unit were true believers, totally invested in the faith of global warming is caused by man.

The problem is that they became so invested in that belief that they ceased to be scientists. They were utterly unwilling to consider any possibility that their belief system might be flawed, or even worse, wrong. As such, they entered into collusion with one another to conceal anything they might "be harmful to the faithful", i.e., the general public. This included the right to lie and to destroy anyone who was not "of the faith".

The sad part is that this does not mean that man is not a cause of global warming. That perhaps our activities do not so much cause global warming (other environmental factors do so), but that our contribution is what pushes it over the top. Or our contribution might just make it only a little worse (or, frankly, have no impact whatsoever).

Now we cannot know.

We cannot know because the high priests of the church of man caused global warming have lied to us, and been caught in the lie. Have been caught destroying data that might have proven the lie. Have been caught falsifying data. Nothing that has come from the Climate Research Unit can be accepted as true and factual. Millions of dollars of tax payer funds have been squandered by these men. And there is literally no choice but to go back to square one and reconstruct all of the data from the start. Nothing in the Climate Research Unit can be accepted.

The high priests of the Church of Global Warming should all be fired, and blacklisted, never allowed to work for the public again. Never allowed to submit their own papers for peer-review because they corrupted the system to their own ends. They can never ever be trusted by the general public, and as such should not be allowed to address the General Public nor draw funds from the General Public