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Monday, December 07, 2009

This week at ADB, Inc., 29 November to 5 December 2009

Steve Cole reports:

This was a quiet week. The next deadline is in early February, and what's going on now is mostly planning, cleaning up things that did not get done earlier, and starting long-range work on projects for next year. I actually spent a good chunk of this week on the upcoming announcement of the 2010 schedule. Every product has to be analyzed for sales potential, production cost, and retail price. That gets complicated in cases where much of the production happens outside, such as with the miniatures. We also had to balance the workload between myself, Steve Petrick, and Jean Sexton, who together actually do all of the written and printed products.

The weather this week was cool, dropping below freezing most nights. We only got a trace of moisture, but we did have cloudy skies a few days. It was too cold to walk around the block, so twice Steve Petrick and I drove to an art gallery a mile away, walking about a mile each time. We did enjoy the daily news debacle as the global warming hoax is exposed as the fraud we knew it was.

I did a lot of work this week converted FC Ship Cards from Captain's Log, Communique, and Hydran Attack into the format for Federation Commander On Line. This week I sent the energy monster, Frax CW, Frax DW, Lyran CWS to them. I plan to continue sending four ships a week, and the first ships from Hydran Attack should go there in two weeks.

I also continued work on expanding the FC Scenario Database to include more information.

Eric got the newsletter ready for release on the 10th and I got Communique finished and given to Petrick to review. It will go to the staff next and be released on time.

Work has begun on Captain's Log #41. I did a one-page snapshot, and Petrick did about a dozen SSDs. I did a pretty good draft of the FC Tournament page using Mike Filsinger's notes.

Jean finished her work on the FC Booster #92 cards, so those will go to the staff next week.
What did not get done was any work on F&E 2010.

Eric continued upgrading the website and adding new stuff, such as an updated Gazetteer and creating a Starmada category on the PHP forum. On Saturday the 5th, we shot four more movies for YouTube, but it may be a week before they are uploaded as the guys are adding still photos and screens listing the website. The PC Eric uses (Jack) had a virus attack and had to have some work done, but is fine now.

Leanna and I continue working with the contractor on the addition to our home. This week, we signed the formal contract and selected the granite and tile.

Jean reported another failed burglary attempt on her home and resolved that she will have to move to a safer neighborhood next year. We continue to make plans for her annual visit. She should arrive on the 27th.