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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Take a first aid course

Everybody ought to take the Red Cross first aid course. Look them up in the phone book (every decent-size town has an office) and ask them for the next first aid class schedule. It costs something ($20 here) but it's worth if you save somebody sometime.

While you are at it, take CPR. (They sometimes teach both on the same day.) I heard somewhere that, statistically, someone in every class saves a life. I took the course in Boy Scouts when I was 14, and two weeks later saved my grandfather's life when he collapsed in front of me. I enjoyed his company another ten years before heart disease took him from us. It was kind of neat in the military that every time we taught CPR they had me get up in class and tell the story, to get people to pay attention that, yes, somebody in every class eventually uses it to save a life.