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Monday, January 29, 2007

Four Questions for our Customers

Every now and then, any business needs to take a look at how it does business. Anybody who wants to can email me their answers to these four questions (design@StarFleetGames.com) and please do CC our marketing director Vanessa Clark (marketing@StarFleetGames.com). So far as that goes, feel free to include our business manager, Leanna Cole (sales@StarFleetGames.com) and my partner Steve Petrick (rules@StarFleetGames.com).

1. What are we NOT doing that we SHOULD be doing?

2. What ARE we doing that we should do DIFFERENTLY?

3. What ARE we doing that we should NOT be doing?

4. What new concept or idea should ADB investigate to improve its operations?

I won't promise to reply to all who Email, and (because so few know how the business operates) I suspect that most of the answers will be things we can't change or can't afford, but don't let that stop you. I'd rather be given 100 suggestions that I cannot implement than not given one really great idea.

(Members of the US Marine Corps will note that I ripped off their survey. Hey, steal from the best.)