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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Attention Restaurant Owners

One of my pet peeves, ok?

Every restaurant should have, on every table, a small "trash can". It doesn't have to be any bigger than a salad bowl, although probably deeper.

People who eat in retaurants really do want to keep their table uncluttered. Give them a trash can and they WILL use it for all kinds of things. Soiled napkins, sugar/sweeterer packets, the wrappers from the straws, creamer packets, fat and bones trimmed from their steak, the foil from the baked potato, and no end of other things.

I told this once to a friend who owned a restaurant. She refused to implement my plan, for these reasons.
1. Nobody wants that trash on their table. (HEY, it's ALREADY on the table!)
2. Nobody wants to eat with the last group's trash. (HEY, you don't leave that trash on the table NOW, why would you leave a full trash can? Just empty it after each group of diners. Sheesh.)
3. Too much bother for the waitress to empty. (HEY, the waitress is ALREADY picking up all that junk!)