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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feeding the spiders

I try to come BLOG every day. (Vanessa gets violent if I don't.) Supposedly, the reason is to keep the spiders fed, so they won't think our website is one that isn't updated. Blogging every day means we're an active site, I guess.

Maybe the theory is that if I come blog, I'll notice something else that needs to be done, updated, changed, moved, or whatever? I don't really see how, since the blog place is not even on the site, and I can blog every day for a year without even seeing the site itself.

Anyway, our new web guy, Matt Cooper, made a minor change yesterday. The original site design meant that to click on "commanders circle" took you to a screen that had a link that took you to another site where, if you scrolled down a ways, you might notice the actual entrance to Commander's Circle. Matt changed that to a link that goes directly there, skipping a confusing step.

We have some ideas about rearranging some of the links. The spot on the front page that says "star blog" was supposed to work a certain way and doesn't (and can't, and doesn't need to). So the theory of the moment is to better utilize that rectangle for links to a site map, the shopping cart, and some other things.

We'll also be adding pages for SFB, F&E, the Tholian Holdfast, and Tholian Attack soon.