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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We want your graphics ideas

Today is the 24th of the month, and on our schedule of repeating blogs (every 3rd day) this would be the day for our grpahics director to post a note about what has recently been done, learned, suggested, tried, failed, and succeeded. Unfortunately, our last graphics director left a few weeks ago (to get a job closer to her boyfriend) and the new one hasn't been hired. (As we hire through the university intern department, we couldn't even interview people until the new semester started a week ago today.) We have interviewed one and have two more interviews scheduled, after which we will hire one of them on Friday.

The email address for the graphics director (no matter who it is) is always graphics@StarFleetGames.com and you are welcome to send to that address your suggestions, links to snazzy things you saw on other sites, your requests, your minis painting contest entries, etc.

So when the new graphics director reports for duty, they will already have a mailbox full of fun things to check out.