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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jolene Wants Your Input

Graphics Director Jolene Settle writes:

As the Graphics progress here at ADB, I am learning about new things everyday. Take for example the printing industry. I learned that different printing presses have a standard for the bleed around a piece of artwork or it will spit it back out. Also working with Spellmann and Associates has also boosted my knowledge of the search engines. Learning about marketing is a whole field that is opening my eyes. Vanessa is very intelligent and I think working with her is giving me a head start. Although learning is everyday, making messups is a regular standard for me. One day I moved the ships around in the wallpaper artwork and I left "ghosts" and then Joe Butler uploaded them and I got tons of comments on the messups. But all in all, I love the messups because It means I am learning and I can hopefully never make those messups again.

Unfortunately, as a designer you can get caught up in making thing aesthetics pleasing for yourself and forget that you also need to make the consumer happy as well. See here I am!! I want to make you guys excited, so please let me know if you have ideas. Here are a few ideas I would love for you to comment on:

MySpace-What graphics would you like to see?

How does everyone feel about a calendar?

CafePress-Please let me know what you want to see on CafePress. I just had a comment about putting box art on a mug. I am currently working on that.

Here is my e-mail: graphics@starfleetgames.com or you can comment on the forum.