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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Full Speed Ahead!

Marketing Director Vanessa Clark Reports: As many know, the office has gone through a revolution. Changes for the better have been occurring and hopefully everyone has noticed. It’s been fun being a real part of so much and helping to implement those changes. I do enjoy keeping track of “the Steves” to make sure they are on schedule with products and projects. Having them report in and give me a certain number of pages for each upcoming project each and every week doesn’t just make their job easier in the end, it makes my job much easier as we go along. Having them give me 5 pages of Captain’s Log every week keeps them on track and prevents me from having 120 pages at the very last minute placed on my desk for proofreading! It’s so much easier to read a few pages every week than it is to read all of it all at one time. Let’s also not forget that the office mood has gotten better since “the Steves” have tasks that they KNOW I’ll be checking on throughout the week and then expecting something in my hands by Friday. They seem to be more at ease and I think it gives them both more time for creating and designing. If they get what I ask done early (which they have been doing) they have time to brainstorm and the best part of all of it is that PRODUCTS are ALWAYS on TIME! I don’t want to be in the position of having to make excuses to retailers, wholesalers, and end customers because we waited until last minute or didn’t plan ahead well enough to allow for “problems”. I think the workflow plan and me keeping “the Steves” on track is working great so far and it allows me and SVC the peace of mind in knowing that neither of us should have to make any excuses in the future. At current, it’s “Engines to power, warp turbines to speed; and full speed ahead!”