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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Yet Another Report on the Doings at ADB

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Orders are being shipped, and work continues apace on various projects for our various product lines.

I am currently trying to work through (in addition to other things) the Klingon Master Starship Book. As with the Hydran book (and technically the Federation book which while published before the Hydran book formally, was done after the Hydran book was started), I am finding there are issues that are not accounted for in the earlier books, requiring more effort to do this book than simply "following the previous format." I do think, though, that doing a Kzinti book will be easier after having done the Federation and Klingon books (because of the drone and drone-armed fighter issues). Right now, much of the Klingon material is out for review, and reports are being submitted. At least all of the "ships" are out. The fighter and fast patrol ship sections remain to be done, and I have a major project to review and integrate the fighter and escort tables of all of the carriers looking me in the face, and finding the time to do it properly.

So, if I come across as frazzled and harried in the coming days, have no fear, there is a reason for it.