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Sunday, December 28, 2014

On Closing another Year, Changes, and Sameness

Jean Sexton muses:

Another year's end is in sight. I find that it is a good time to take stock of the world and see what has come and gone during the span -- sort of a mental inventory of my life. I invite you to walk through it with me.

This is the first full year I have spent in Amarillo. I saw more snowfalls here than I did in several previous years combined. I found there are things I miss: my gardens; my family and friends back in North Carolina; and the easy flow of academic life marked by semesters, new students (and their old questions which were new to them), and the unexpected question from which I learned something new. I gained decorating and furnishing my apartment, more frequent communication with my family, new friends in Amarillo, and the energy of a small business. I kept in touch with "new things" through young friends both here and on Facebook. I explored my tastes in music discovering musicians on YouTube and then supporting them by purchasing their music. (For once I seem to be "hip" again with enjoying Peter Hollens, The Piano Guys, Pentatonix, Lindsey Stirling, and so many young, talented artists.)

My job continues to evolve. I have taken on more and more marketing tasks. The list of items on DriveThru RPG and Wargame Vault continues to expand. I am exploring new venues for getting ADB's name out there. Proofreading continues to take my attention as we put out new titles. We have two new ventures: A Call to Arms: Star Fleet and the Master Starship books. Both of those are introducing us to new people. I am very excited about what I do and its potentials.

Cars come and cars go. I gave up my 14-year-old Corolla and gained a new Corolla. I found I am not driving nearly as much as I was. In 21 weeks I haven't averaged 100 miles a week. At that rate the U.S.S. Arctic Wolf will last me forever unless killed by outside forces.

Pets are harder to lose. Markie meant so very much to me; when he got deathly ill and I had to let him go, I mourned greatly. But sometimes from great pain comes joy. The Wolf entered my life and has my heart in his paws. I am having to learn to be in control though, so he can relax and be a pet, not the pack leader. Still, I have been glad he was with me when strange people started to approach and he warned them off.

So where am I now? I am content in my life in many ways. I am enjoying my quiet life. The wonders of the internet let me connect with far-flung friends. I have a home I am proud of. I have a reliable car. I have companionship (and Wolf won't let me mope long when I do get down). I have a job I enjoy.

I think in my inventory I have found happiness, contentment, challenges, joy, and friendship. I have hope that my future will continue to be bright. And I hope that each of you find positivity in your own life inventory.