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Friday, January 23, 2015


On Klingon Stasis Field Generators:

Warning: Requires high energy input and very cool nerves; this equipment requires a very close-range approach to the targeted object; manufacturer not responsible for any undue, unwanted, and forcible alteration to the structure of the generator ship due to the said close approach; warranty void and null if #1 shield is breached. The manufacturer makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the hardware referred herein as SFGs, its quality, performance, mechanical reliability, or fitness for any tactical situations.

On Lyran Expanding Sphere Generators:

Warning: Manufacturer not responsible for paint scratches, hull dents, or loss of fur/life due to mishandling of the generators; warranty null and void if there are any hostile objects inside the radius of the generator, whether the generator is active or not; if not used properly, this equipment may result in severe damage to unintended parties.

Thanks to Hyun Yu. This originally appeared in Captain's Log #18. (c) copyright by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc.