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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Continuing Progress

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Work continues apace on various projects.

The Klingon Master Starship Book is in a sort of "advanced draft" stage. The various component parts have been gathered and assembled, and the basic formatting has been done on most of it. I need, however, to do a better update on the fighter information incorporating the data from Captain's Log #25. This means in part having Z-P and Z-E (note, the article defines the EW variant of the Z-D as the Z-W) fighters operating from some ISF carriers as provided in the article.

Further, I need to take a solid look (and have been doing so) at when various Klingon fighters enter and exit service. There is also specific note that one type of fighter only ever operated from the C8V Vindicator. And of course various references to fighters that were produced in only small numbers.

Fortunately none of this applies to the heavy fighters, or the bombers.

However, as long as I am doing this, as part of the book I need to take a closer look at the Klingon carrier escorts. I mean, we know there was only one (1) AD6, and it spent its entire service life (as an AD6) with the C8V Vindicator, and was lost in the same battle in which the Vindicator itself was destroyed. However, it is a little better than an AD5, and if the B10V had entered service, would it not have been reassigned to that ship? Or to a B11V? (Not to mention the space control ship variants.) And what of the ADW (D5W carrier escort variant)? While conjectural, I need to note what carriers it might have been assigned to had it been built, or built in any numbers.

So I need to do a better rationalization of the escorts as well as the fighters.

Another thing the article creates is that Z-Ds apparently were assigned to starbases, so I am going to need to revise the Klingon Hangar Bay Augmentation Module to at least note this, but I do not currently believe I will modify its cargo boxes to APRs as is done for Hydran Stingers (they do need drone storage, which Stingers do not).

All of this, while keeping in mind that the Z-D, and all of its many variants (Z-P, Z-W, Z-E, Z-DC, Z-PC, Z-EC, Z-De, Z-Pe, Z-Ec, Z-We, Z-DCr, Z-PCr, Z-ECr, Z-Der, Z-Per, Z-Eer, etc.), only comprises 5% (that is five percent) of Klingon fighter production.

So the book is (as were the previous ones) a headache, but progress is being made.