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Friday, January 16, 2015

Sometimes ...

Steve Cole says that sometimes ...

1. Sometimes people want to know why we published a stupid rule, a stupid ship, a stupid scenario, or an entire stupid product. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. There; now I never have to answer that one again.

2. Sometimes people say my desk is a mess. People with neatly organized desks are just too lazy to look for things. I get my best ideas when looking for something else.

3. Sometimes I wonder how can I trust Jean if she runs out the door every time I unlock her leg chains.

4. Sometimes people tell me an inconvenient truth and I get mad as hell, scream, and throw things, then I deal with the situation in a way that makes a better product and a better company, and I even make everyone happy about the whole situation. Sometimes people tell me a lie and I never trust them again. Choose wisely.

5. Sometimes I think about the two ways to argue with Leanna. Neither one of them works.

6. Sometimes people mistake my refusal to argue with them to be an admission that they are right, and sometimes people mistake my admission that they are right with some kind of agreement to publish their rules change.

7. Sometimes, when I was young, I did stupid stuff, but unlike people 40 years younger than me, I did not take photographs of it.

8. Sometimes I wish I had a dollar for every time Jean interrupted me ... is it time for
lunch yet?

9. Sometimes those voices in my head, the ones I know aren't real, come up with great product ideas.

10. Sometimes words cannot express how I feel. That's when I throw things and shoot Jean with an airsoft gun.