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Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Nitpicking

This is Steven Petrick posting.

There is a TV series called "Hawaii Five-oh."

The writing for this show is pretty bad in my opinion.

Some examples from recent episodes.

One of the members of the team has a brother who has been kidnapped. He must find the villain's stolen money to ransom his brother back. Yet, he never, ever, makes the point to villain that he will not do this without "proof of life." He is a trained detective, and in point of fact in the episode previous to his finding out his brother has been kidnapped he is involved with another kidnap case where the "proof of life" concept appears. Yet he never gets it in the case of his own brother.

Eventually we find out that, indeed, his brother was already dead.

Then we have the "hitman with a heart." We learn that this hitman had a heart transplant and as a result, has stopped killing his assignments, but has instead by faking their deaths and smuggling them to Hawaii, creating his own little community of people whose lives he has saved (got that one as an oh so probable story line?). Now his "boss" has found out and sent a hit man to kill the people in his little community. Protecting them, he is wounded and captured by Five-oh.

He refuses, however, to tell Five-oh where he is hiding his little community because he does not want to put them at risk.

Excuse me, but your boss is already sending a killer to Hawaii to kill them, seems like he already knows they are alive and in Hawaii and probably where, so saying you do not want to reveal their location in an effort to keep them safe is a pretty stupid thing to say for someone who was smart enough to fake all those deaths and convince them to go live in Hawaii and smuggle them there for years without your boss finding out.

Other things that annoy me about the show:

With the exception of the non-Hawaiian members of the Five-oh team: Only white cops foul up and get killed; only Native Hawaiian cops perform acts of heroism. Its gotten to the point that if a criminal is captured and being put in a police car, you can look at the officer selected to drive that car and know if the criminal will escape (white cop, the criminal will escape usually killing the cop, Hawaiian cop, the criminal will make it to police headquarters and be locked up or questioned by Five-oh).