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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Steve Cole writes: These are things TV and movies taught me that are contrary to my own experiences and observations.
1. Absolutely everybody in the US loves and follows the sport of boxing. (The reality is, most don't.)
2. Everyone who does not live in New York wishes they did, except for the people who wish they lived in Los Angeles. (People who live there think so; those who don't live there mostly don't want to.)
3. Everybody wants to be an actor and wants to hear all about how actors organize their careers and events. (Few of us actually care.)
4. The good guy will always put down his gun when the bad guy holds an innocent civilian hostage. (A trained police officer will simply shoot the bad guy in the head.)
5. Lots of single women get pregnant, then raise their children (who grow up just fine, thank you) without the fathers being around. (The reality is that children without two parents are far less likely to succeed in life. Steven Petrick has a theory that lots of Hollywood shows repeat this so that Hollywood big shots are not annoyed by the young actresses who sleep with them and get pregnant.)
6. Absolutely everybody in the US loves and follows the sport of soccer. (I don't actually know anyone who does.)
7. Any group of 10 people includes someone who is gay, openly or otherwise. (I have a gay relative and some gay friends, who are swell people, but these comprise about one of every 50-100 people that I know.)
8. Pretty much every foreigner speaks English. (I have been to Germany where almost no one spoke English. I have been to England and have no idea what language they speak. I have been to Mexico and found very few people who speak English. On the other hand, every Canadian I have met speaks English quite well.)
9. Everybody has filled out their bracket for March Madness. (I have no clue what's that's all about. It seems to be some kind of sport thing.)
10. Every police investigation involves a visit to a strip club, somebody who had an affair, and an illegal alien who is afraid to talk to the police. (Ok, maybe that one is right.)