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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Steve Cole ponders various thoughts that came to mind.

1. Is there some reason that TV shows are once a week? I know that back in the old days of three networks and no cable, the shows were shot during the year and you were watching a show that had been shot only 8 or 9 days earlier. But these days, we have these shows that are shot months before they are shown, and is there some reason we could not have the eight-episode half-season of Walking Dead on eight consecutive nights?

2. On the season finale of ELEMENTARY, Mycroft goes into hiding after the British secret service faked his death. He did this to protect Sherlock and Watson from retaliation by the French mob. Hearing this, the intrepid pair insisted that they could take care of themselves from the French mob came after them. No, they cannot. If a major criminal organization wants to kill you, they will. These two consulting detectives are always going here or there to investigate something and it should be no trouble at all to stake out a point near their home and ambush them. After all, Watson was easily kidnapped in an earlier episode.

3. If I were going to do a TV show about politics (something like West Wing or Scandal) I would do it about the "Union Party" and the "Federal Party" and we'd talk about "the immigration bill" without ever saying what was in it. I would not want to lose half of my audience because they did not agree with my politics.

4. A mix of white and red is a distinct color called pink but a mix of blue and white is just "pale blue." Maybe the red faction had a better branding expert in their marketing department and was able to create a new color?

5. I watched the season premier of FALLING SKIES and found it as badly written as ever. From a military standpoint, the plot is just full of holes, things that sound good (to the writers) but make no sense to anyone who has been in the military. They could do perfectly good stories that made sense, but Hollywood just thinks it knows everything. In the end, whatever happens is whatever the writers decided was going to happen, not what was the most likely thing to happen.

6. The new show DOMINION has redefined gutsy moves. The show starts with "Twenty-five years ago, God disappeared" which caused the angels to get upset and decide to wipe out the humans. (The anti-human angels think that God was so disgusted with humans that He just walked away.) So is this a Hollywood anti-religion show or is this a "Left Behind" sort of thing where God really has an involvement in the physical world far beyond His current level of miracles and meddling? I don't know, but seeing a twin 35mm anti-aircraft gun shoot down an angel has me watching the whole season.