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Sunday, July 13, 2014


The famous last words of bankrupt businessmen.
1. The customers are idiots who don't understand why they should be buying our products.

2. I told him to do it, and he can't be as busy as I am, so I don't have to keep track of when he actually does it. I just have to wait for the email saying it's been done.
3. He's a grown man so I don't have to remind him to do his job. He knows what to do. He'll be there on time.
4. No, I haven't actually walked back there to see if that employee is doing his job or playing computer games. Do I really need to do that?
5. I'll take today off and do twice as much work tomorrow.
6. I know I need to talk to that vendor but I suspect it's going to be an unpleasant conversion so it can just wait.
7. That's good merchandise, so we don't need to fire sale it or throw it out. Sure, it hasn't sold in three years and we have a 54-year supply, but it's good merchandise.
8. Our products are fine, but I have no idea why customers aren't buying them.
9. We spent $10,000 on advertising and got no results, so obviously we did not spend enough.
10. I know nothing about this new market I want to move into, but how hard can it be to figure it out after we launch a few new products in that market?