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Monday, June 03, 2013

This Week at ADB, Inc., 26 May - 1 June 2013

Steve Cole reports:

This was an intense week of work on Captain's Log #47 and Origins preparations. The weather this week was cooler, and it got exciting Tuesday night with (mistaken) reports that a tornado had hit the city of Amarillo (the wind and hail were bad enough). Jean "I Laugh at Hurricanes" Sexton was terrified by the reported tornado. The spam storm mostly remained at something under 200 per day.

Steve Cole worked on Captain's Log #47.

Steven Petrick worked on  Captain's Log #47 and (when not busy with that) Module C6.

Leanna kept orders and accounting up to date.

Mike kept orders going out, rebuilt the inventory, helped prepare for Origins, and managed customer service.

Joel stopped by on Memorial Day and did some graphics for Captain's Log #47.

Jean managed our page on Facebook (which is up to 1611 friends), proofread Captain's Log #47, and did some marketing.