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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recovery Continues

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Well, the title has double meaning.

We are finally to the point where I can work on SSDs again, which means some progress should be made soon on Module C6. I think the first priority is going to be to try to do the various weapons rules over (lost in the crash), which is one of the hardest parts. With the systems working,  however slowly (a lot of copy and retitle and post into new computer), progress should be made to completion.

The other meaning?

Well, as you know if you have been watching my posts my left leg went bad, again. It had been bad for a while before last June. But back then there was enough recovery that I was able to start walking on it regularly, branching out to additional exercises. I really felt I was doing quite well this past December. Sometime in January my left leg was (for want of a better term) corrupted again, in many ways worse than before. Over the past few weeks (having survived Operation Fetch) it has finally started to get a little better. I am sometimes able to get into a car without having to physically pick my leg up with my own hands and put it in the car. Small victories. I am unsure how much better it will get. I would like to start walking again for exercise, but right now I am very much daunted by the task facing me of walking from the Red Roof Inn to the gaming area at Origins for several days in a row. I do not imagine it will be a walk I can make without stopping to rest. At least the pain levels have gone down to the point where they no longer keep me distracted from other tasks, but my ability to balance on my legs is not what it once was.

I may be using the elevators this year, especially if the escalators are off, as climbing up and down stairs is just asking for a fall, especially if I am carrying anything.

Whatever happens, I am looking forward to seeing old friends and acquaintances at Origins this year, and know that I did missing seeing you all last year.