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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A Return To Normal Soon

This is Steven Petrick posting:

The first six months of this year have lived up to the dreaded curse of "13" (it being 2013). Computer problems, injuries (some mysterious, some not so much), and operational interruptions have all conspired to disrupt the smooth flow of products from conception to completion.

We are now in the Origins Crunch, and despite it, we have managed to complete Captain's Log #47, if not much else. Once past Origins, with a functioning computer system (if one that is somewhat clumsier) on my desk and no expected interruptions should see a return to smooth operations.

First, however, we have to survive Origins.

In one sense having Jean Sexton here will make that easier. SVC and I will not do all the driving, Jean will handle some of that task, which should (in theory) cause all of us to arrive somewhat more rested. We have already begun discussing which parts of the trip will be left to Jean. Mostly we have chosen those parts where (from past experience) we know there will not be much traffic and good driving conditions. I will, of course, as usual, handle the majority of the "city driving" where we hit the most congestion. SVC will, however, adhere to "tradition" and handle the "passage of Rolla, Missouri." He is the expert there, as most years when we go through Rolla I have usually passed out. (So much so that the year I woke up while we were driving through Rolla I was actually shocked by it.)

We are all, at  this juncture, looking forward to the trip and seeing old friends and acquaintances, as well as meeting new ones.